Cheese and ham     £4.40

Cheese and tomato    £4.00

Cheese and onion    £4.00

Brie and bacon     £5.00


Please choose either white or brown bread

Egg mayonnaise and tomato     £3.70

Cheese and chutney     £3.80

Hummus and roasted vegetables     £4.50

Tuna and salad     £4.20

Ham, cheese and chutney     £4.40

B.L.T with mayonnaise     £5.50

Jacket potatoes

Cheese, beans and bacon     £7.00

Cheese and beans     £6.00

Cheese and coleslaw     £6.00

Tuna and mayo     £6.50

Soup of the day    £4.50

Quiche of the day with salad     £6.50

We have specials every day, please see blackboard for details...

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